Fan Rewards: Same at 4K Gold as at 10K Gold

HCBCREATIONSHCBCREATIONS New Member9 PostsRegistered Users
Has anyone else noticed that the prizes are the same for both levels?

Also in the tournament rewards.


  • KheldarKheldar New Member 4 PostsRegistered Users
    I noticed that as well. The last 10k gold one had a 5 star player. This time around he is only a 4.5 star.
  • FirehombreFirehombre Experienced Member 117 PostsRegistered Users
    Been waiting to see what kinda fan rewards we'd see this week and it's been a complete letdown. Not one 5* or prime player to be had. Completely worthless.
  • K-DK-D Experienced Member 378 PostsRegistered Users
    That is isially that way if you have all the 5* players so it will list the next 4.5* player for everything but not sure if that's the case in y'all's situation.
  • FirehombreFirehombre Experienced Member 117 PostsRegistered Users
    That's true if you have all the top players, but that isn't the case here. There are tons of prime players and 5* players that I don't have.
  • TWWTWW Junior Member 74 PostsRegistered Users
    Has a prime player even been available since the update? I wonder if they suspended the ability to get them depending on their knowledge of the gold glitch.
  • Tony167Tony167 Experienced Member 392 PostsRegistered Users
    I saw them available last weekend. So they are just sticking to the prime players every other weekend still.
  • HCBCREATIONSHCBCREATIONS New Member 9 PostsRegistered Users
    You can still buy Fielder for 1,200 gold.
  • FirehombreFirehombre Experienced Member 117 PostsRegistered Users
    I personally feel that what is happening is that they are only making 4.5* players available so that some of the newer guys can get better without the more advanced teams getting better. Kinda level the playing field somewhat.
  • AstrosBaseballAstrosBaseball New Member 24 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Prime players are only available rewards every other weekend, I believe..

    I also am guessing that the players for this weekends rewards were determined before the update, when Adam Jones was a 5-star.
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