Best 4* starting pitchers????

DanLeWarrior2008DanLeWarrior2008 New Member9 PostsRegistered Users
Post your bests with era...


  • J.LeeJ.Lee Experienced Member 146 PostsRegistered Users
    Don't have era to post but I can tell you the best ones are

    Danny Duffy
    Homer Bailey
    Gio Gonzalez

    Really it depends on how your opponent does against these pitchers but in my opinion these are the best with Danny Duffy far exceeding the abilities of the other 4* pitchers with his 9 stuff
  • WhorndawgsWhorndawgs New Member 29 PostsRegistered Users
    Duffy is even more amazing when you consider that he is doing it right handed when he actually throws left handed
  • DanLeWarrior2008DanLeWarrior2008 New Member 9 PostsRegistered Users
    LOLLLL are u serious?
  • AstrosBaseballAstrosBaseball New Member 24 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Wada did really well for me... ERA was around a 2.3
  • DanLeWarrior2008DanLeWarrior2008 New Member 9 PostsRegistered Users
    Keuchel was good for me but now when im playing against the computer hes getting his a** kicked bcuz theres alot of prime players
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