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Ok, ever since the Kindle freezing problem was "fixed", the game now freezes without fail after playing the game continuously for long enough. During events, this has cost me thousands of points due to having only 30 seconds to autoplay the last game my energy can buy (550 or 770 points) only for the game to freeze up so I can't push buttons to proceed. I have to hit the home button on the Kindle, end the game process and reload the game by which time, the timer has run out and I lose my streak that I spent an hour playing and building up. It might freeze during games causing me to have to replay innings that I scored a lot of runs in and lose the game, it might freeze on the menu screens, it might freeze while I'm trying to initiate a new game or any time it feels like it and is always associated with long, continuous play. This never happened before the loading issue was fixed and is starting to be a discouragement to playing.

Also, comebackers to the pitcher happen way too often and pitchers always have flawless defense. Pitchers should not be snagging every line drive hit to them. Getting hits up the middle doesn't happen enough.

I have had a runner at third doubled up on a line drive to an infielder which cost me a game and is something the player has absolutely no control over. This should never happen.

Runners on third don't auto tag up from third or even have the option to tag up on a consistent basis on sac fly opportunities not even if the ball is hit to the warning track.

Why is the option to steal/bunt no longer an option during blowouts? The player should not be penalized for scoring runs and miss out on opportunities to complete or build achievements such as steals or sacrifices.

Why does every ball hit down the line have to curve foul?

Why can autoplay not beat a team/pitcher that is, in every way, inferior to my team? If I manually play for one inning (which is not always possible due to time constraints), I score runs with ease. Why can't autoplay score runs against the likes of Randy Wolf, Andrew Heaney and Vance Worley with a team full of hitters with hit ratings of 6-9?

During events, why am I penalized five minutes of streak time if I autoplay the second win? The timer goes from 15 minutes to 10 minutes after only 20 seconds have passed?

Bruce Chen is in the game as a righty instead of a lefty and the pitcher Chris Young has a picture of the hitter Chris Young. The pitcher is white, the hitter is black.
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