Belzer74Belzer74 New MemberRegistered Users 5 Posts
I just used 50 of my Late Round draft picks. When I went into the trades screen is says "trade all 21 picks for this pick".

What happened to all my other players? Every time I draft another player the 21 picks never change.

Am I missing Something?



  • Belzer74Belzer74 New Member Registered Users 5 Posts
    I guess there's nobody out there!!
  • Tanner96Tanner96 Advanced Member Registered Users 544 Posts
    You are the first one to post here in about the last two months. I guess there aren't many left. Sorry, I can't answer your question.
    :mad:iPad 4:mad:
  • GrifftrainGrifftrain New Member Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    What I think is happening is you are just looking at your "batters" in actives. When making that trade, they take your pitchers and your batters that are inactive... That may be what is happening, if I understand your post correctly
  • Superapids135Superapids135 Experienced Member Registered Users 368 Posts
    I think thats the issue as well
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