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rmaff_10rmaff_10 New Member7 PostsRegistered Users
Hello TSB players. For several weeks now I have been in a group of guys who consistently put up solid numbers for every event. We are a private group and we communicate well outside of the club chat feature in the game. The group uses "Line" to stay in touch in case something happens.

Looking for a club that earns about 20-24 #1 Draft Picks per week? We have some spots open, but not many.
Must be active and contribute daily towards the clubs total points

If you're interested let me know! Tap Sports Username: rmaff10


  • Superapids135Superapids135 Experienced Member 364 PostsRegistered Users
    How do you earn 24 number 1 picks in a week in your club? Your hyperbole isn't necessary and doesn't help anyone.

    If you said 15-20 no. 1 and 25-30 first rounds, I would believe you but knowing my clubs ranking and daily payout of 1 no. 1 and 2 first rounds I know your exaggerating
  • aTownDownaTownDown Experienced Member 271 PostsRegistered Users
    Super rapids, It's not hard to get 20-24 per week so i don't think he's exaggerating lol... There's a little thing called progress rewards. My club gets 2-3 per day and then usually 6 on the weekend, in addition to the prime player we get every time
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