Jorge Posada???????

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In what world is Jorge Posada even close to making it as a legend player? He hit over 300 once in his career, over 100 rbis once in his career and they weren't the same year. 30 HRs one time!!!! What can hes stat line possibly be??? 8/7/2

Geez I appreciate a legend catcher but ****, how about Bench, Berra, Piazza, or Pudge?


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    Rich Aurila..... Brett Boone??? At least Posada was a major contributor on championship teams on the most historic and iconic franchise in all of American sports. I'm sure he will be 12/10/5 or something crazy. Plus he is a switch hitter which is huge.

    What were Aurilia's stats again
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    He is 12/9/4

    And so was Jim Leyritz, but I don't see him being a legend any time soon lol
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    Gabe kapler is a legend too in the game, that's worse
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    "Let's stick some guys who don't play anymore in the game, inflate their stats and see if the kids notice!"
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    Next up Omar Infante
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    Jorge Posada does have the 7th best career OPS since 1900, sandwiched between Buster Posey and Joe Mauer.

    Only Mike Piazza, Mickey Cochrane, Bill Dickey, Roy Campanella, Gabby Hartnett, and Buster Posey have a better OPS since 1900! That's not too shabby, honestly. Piazza is the only one of those who really runs away from the crowd having a .922 career OPS. He of all people should be the "legend!"
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    What are his numbers...
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