Signature player box

Grippy5Grippy5 New MemberRegistered Users, Member 64 Posts
As anyone tried to get a signature player yet? I'm curious as to who you can get and what there stats are


  • KillsauceKillsauce New Member Registered Users 25 Posts
    click on the icon on player pic it will tell you everything
  • Grippy5Grippy5 New Member Registered Users, Member 64 Posts
    Is the signature box just like the other mystery boxes? So if I bought one do I have a chance to get cash or is it automatic that I get a signature player?
  • PewterCatPewterCat New Member Registered Users 6 Posts
    Great question that I too would like to know the answer to! Anyone suggest mystery boxes over #1 Draft Picks? Need help as I've had a lifetime of quintessential terrible luck. Is it normal to be Veteran Level with only obtaining (1) 5 Star player??
  • Kingdaddy0313Kingdaddy0313 New Member Registered Users 1 Posts
    Don't waste your money or gold on those mystery boxes. I did an experiment and spent a lot of real money in two weeks to see get the returns were on the mystery boxes. I'm here to tell you I opened quite a few of the boxes, didn't keep and exact count, and I did not receive one player that I could use nor did I get a signature player. I contacted customer support and the simply said sorry about your luck. So if you have gold you need to waste, by all means waste it in mystery boxes, but if you're buying gold with real money, spend it on useful things.
  • Ohsdeckapes1196Ohsdeckapes1196 New Member Registered Users, Member 5 Posts
    There are players out there with multiple legends. How did they do it? I've been hoarding gold and want to spend it this weekend. Just looking for the best strategy
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