I lost all my game progress after the game crashed!!! - SvZ Def.

I am the player from China, started to play SvZ Def. since last week. I have reached to Wave 56 and the game got crashed all the sudden when I was playing Pin Ball. I lunched game again but it brought me directly to Wave 1. I have tried to restart the game many times but no use. Also I tried to load the progress from iCloud account but it says: " the connection to the iCloud service was lost, please try again"

Such thing has happened when I reached to wave 1x. I started all over again from Wave 1. But it is happening again and I lost all my progress and upgrades. How disappointed!!! Anyone from tech support can help on this please!!!

I am using iPhone 7 Plus 256G with the latest iOS 10.2 installed. The SvZ Def. version is 3.4.0.
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