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An update for all you hunters!

Edit post: This update that we've been waiting for is out live now! Please do let us know any feedback you have about the new content and features. Happy Hunting!

What’s New?

  • Weapon Tiering and Crafting
  • Weapon Mods
  • New Currency and Mystery Boxes

Weapon Tiering

What is Weapon Tiering?

Weapon Tiering allows you to increase a weapon’s power well beyond its previous limitations by unlocking further upgrades for it. Apart from its power, other stats like Capacity, Zoom etc. can also be increased.
Also note that Tierable weapons are applicable in more regions than before! So tier up your favorite weapon to continue playing with it!

Weapons can be tiered up with Blueprints. These blueprints can be found in Crystal Crates, our new Mystery Boxes.

How does Crafting work?

After performing a Tier Up upgrade on a weapon, you can use Weapon parts and Hunter bucks to purchase the upgrade. Or, if you’re in a hurry, use Gold to bypass all requirements. Weapon Parts can be found in Crystal Crates.

Open Crystal Crates in Mystery Box ---> Get Weapon Parts ---> Craft Weapon Upgrades


What weapons can be tiered up?

We’ve rolled out an initial batch of weapons that can be tiered up. Look for this icon on the weapon to see if it can be tiered up or not.

If you cannot see the tier icon on your favorite weapon, don’t worry! We will continue to roll out new batches of Tierable weapons!


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    Weapon Mods

    What are weapon Mods?

    Weapon Mods are used to customize weapons to your liking!



    Each weapon has a fixed amount of slots dedicated for equipping mods. These slots can be further unlocked by ‘Tiering Up’ the weapon. At Tier 4, you unlock the maximum number of slots.

    What are the types of Mods? How do I get them?

    Weapon mods can be obtained by spinning Common, Rare and Epic Crystal Crates in the Mystery Box. These mods are available in 3 different categories:
    • Common Weapon Mods (Blue)
    • Rare Weapon Mods (Green)
    • Epic Weapon Mods (Purple)

    New Currencies and Mystery Boxes

    What are the new currencies?
    • Common Crystals
    • Rare Crystals
    • Epic Crystals

    How can I earn these currencies?

    Take part and finish limited time events and spin the Crystal Vault to earn the new currencies.


    What are these currencies used for?

    The Mystery Box has special crates that can be spun with each type of Crystal. New crates have been introduced:
    • Common Crystal Crate
    • Rare Crystal Crate
    • Epic Crystal Crates

    Earn Blueprints, Weapon parts and Mods by spinning these crates! If you want the really good stuff, spin the Epic Crystal Crate!

  • tcapitanotcapitano Registered Users 10 Posts
    Here's a few questions to start..

    Where will we be able to use these upgrades and mods? Will you re-open completed levels and/or add new levels? Will you be adding new dinosaurs to any new levels (instead of just changing the skins)? Will we be able to earn crystals through hunts rather than spins/gold? What about our inventory of current crystals?

    How about event hunts similar to Deer Hunter 2017? An underwater dino hunt would be very interesting...
  • Arbarscape345Arbarscape345 Registered Users 7 Posts
    With the tiering and modding that extends the capability of certain weapons, would the "a region x y is required" where x=number of region and y=type of weapon be removed in order to further extend the capability?
  • TheXeomorphGuyTheXeomorphGuy Registered Users 1 Posts
    When's this update going to be released.
    I'm hyped for this update. Also could u plz increase the amount of crystals you get from the contract hunting region 8
  • Samer MadbakSamer Madbak Registered Users 1,247 Posts
    The mods cannot be attached. U can only tier up. Please fix
    Playing on LG G4 (Android)
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