For TSB '16, is there a schedule for Players awarded for weekend events

FlyingToadFlyingToad Registered Users 7 Posts
For the weekend events in TSB 2016, is there a schedule of which players will be awarded for spending varying levels of gold? Also, I know you have to spend a boatload of gold to get the Signature player offered - I think it's like 33,000. But I've heard other players are offered in different increments after 33,000 spent, Anyone know what those spending levels are?


  • Ohsdeckapes1196Ohsdeckapes1196 Registered Users, Member 5 Posts
    You're right about the higher levels. I'm not sure about the increments. I've never seen a schedule of who is going to be available. I guess it's supposed to be a surprise.
  • Ohsdeckapes1196Ohsdeckapes1196 Registered Users, Member 5 Posts
    I built up my gold one weekend to go all the way to the max - I think it's 50K - I was hoping if I went beyond that, I'd be able to get another Tier 7 player at 66 or 75K - nope - it recycles back to the bottom level again. Guess there is no way to get two Tier 7s in the same weekend unless via mystery boxes (which are too much of "high risk, low return" for my hard-earned gold!
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