The game has been destroyed by cheaters !!

WayneNcaWayneNca Registered Users 49 Posts
It's the most despicable, reprehensible, disgusting, behavior in an online game that I have ever seen!

The game has been destroyed by those of you who decided to cheat to win a silly game, congratulations, hope you're proud!

Many people have spent tons of hours and money to build their team so they could compete and all of that now is useless thanks to those of you who decided to cheat ! Any human who needs to cheat to win a game, that you don't even win money for if you are successful, is pathetic!!

I'm calling you out, I sent 3 dozen screenshots with team & group names and am demanding GLU do something! As far as I'm concerned THE entire group and all the CHEATING teams should be jailed forever. I will not stop until this gets fixed. So if you have a public group I will, at some point, get in, find you cheating, take a screenshot and send it to GLU..

Hope I get to see all you CHEATERS SOON!!
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