Fyber causing less motivation to play

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I believe I'm in Fyber jail. I haven't seen it discussed on any forum. I am one of those players who uses Fyber's videos, app downloads, surveys and sponsored product purchases to acquire gold.  In the past they've always honored their offers. In certain circumstances it would take a few emails to get the gold but you knew it was coming. 
Recently they stopped awarding gold to me. If they would just end the whole practice of getting "free" gold I'd understand. But instead they tell you there is a technical issue preventing them fro, awarding your gold. Then when you press them a bit they tell you they already awarded your gold. You then show them their support page that shows they haven't awarded you your gold and they play dumb and go back to the beginning wanting to know what the problem is. 
Im not mining an extremely large amount of gold. Maybe a hundred here and there. But they now owe me over 3,000 gold which combined with purchases and winnings could be beneficial to a team. I have 1 signature player I received in a trade and my levels are no more than 18 in any given category. I'm not using glitches or hacks. I'm taking what they offered and using it to my advantage. 
I'm without a doubt going to play less. And it's because of Fyber not Glu. 


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    What's the email address for Fyber that you used?  I've got several offers I'm still waiting to get the gold from and I went to Fyber's website and emailed them to get ticket numbers but haven't gotten a response. Glu customer support tells me they can't do anything without the Fyber ticket numbers. 
  • seamusmontanaseamusmontana Registered Users, Member 10 Posts
    [email protected]
    Up until this month they've been very responsive and good with customer support. Now they're either unresponsive or they send a canned response. 
  • seamusmontanaseamusmontana Registered Users, Member 10 Posts
    Try being cuteous and complimentary. Lately I've been angry and an ass lately and its got me nowhere. 
  • BattiBatti Registered Users, Member 75 Posts
    They seem to respond when you tweet them.
  • BattiBatti Registered Users, Member 75 Posts
    Fyber is a scam. I haven't collected on over half of the offers.
  • ShiftsniperShiftsniper Registered Users, Member 8 Posts
    I was nice about it when I asked
  • VanCityVillaVanCityVilla Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
    Might have to send them an email. I simply don't get any gold when going thru Fyber. 
  • HarveyswallbangersHarveyswallbangers Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    They drag their feet on reports 
  • slab0meatslab0meat Registered Users, Member 29 Posts
    I'm happy to say that despite it dragging out, I got a reward.  Took several emails, a screenshot, an email that sounded like I was out of luck, but then yesterday I got an email saying they had good news, etc etc.  When I started up the game, the gold (2000+) was added.  So, took awhile, but I can at least report a positive outcome.

  • seamusmontanaseamusmontana Registered Users, Member 10 Posts
    I received an email today after emailing them and asking for an update. They informed me that there is still a technical issue preventing them from awarding the goal.  It's been over a month since I contacted them. That (3,000 or so) gold would have helped in several fan reward events. I'm probably playing less than half as much as I used to and I refuse to spend any more cash because of it. 
  • [Glu Sports] blueleopard[Glu Sports] blueleopard Administrator, Moderators 815 Posts
    Our studio got an update saying there was something wrong with their server, causing them to overload and crash, and they're working on it.

    I don't know what's going to happen next.  Just thought you guys should be in the loop.
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    edited January 2017
    I wish they could come up with some different options for gaining gold. I curse at the hoops we have to jump through. For example, if the message box at the start says you only have to supply your email-no purchase required-why do they take you down the offer road from H_ _ _ and still hold out, or refuse, payment? Another example: take this quiz for X amount of gold, then at the finish it reads: now you have to download and open one of these apps to get your reward. AGAIN with no payout. In addition, my inbox is so full of junk from these "offers" that I am seriously considering closing it. I despise the untruthful, misleading, time wasting and downright irritating way this is put together. Glu-your reputation-let alone MLB, and countless others-are being sullied by this bad deal. I appreciate the idea behind this and that we are given an alternative way of gaining gold, but STOP ALREADY with this nonsense!
    Love the game, play way too much and hope you put some thought and effort into a better system. :)
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