Glu is editing our post

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Guys, i just realized that blueleopard is editing and covertly removing our post!  I posted on a thread and received a message from another, he wanted to know why he couldn't read my post!

i went back to my thread and plain as day, there was my post, but wait...... when I logged off and went back to look there was nothing from me!!  Log back in and there it was again!

if blue doesn't like your post, he just removes it and cowardly hides that fact from you!  Perhaps he should change his name to yellowweasel or cowardlylion!


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    WashedupWashedup Registered Users, Member 0 Posts
    The thread I am referring to is... what glu should do, I reposted my comment a few minutes ago.  Wonder how long till I am named!
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