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    Ok... I'm just going to ignore you now. We all know that by the time you hit game 7... the match-ups are ridiculous for most of us. I'm gold tier 1, and I play Platinum teams with over 10k more points than me in game 6 more times than not. Even if I use an ice pack, and do the 20% power boost... I'd still be nowhere near close enough to make it an even game.
    I played the slugfest on Wednesday and when I got up to level 4 I could not win a game to save my life. I spent probably 2000 gold to try and  get up to level 5 and it just would not happen. My top slugger is 106 silver and they were putting me with sluggers way over me. I think in an event like that, they should keep you with players around the same number as you not one that's 15, 20, or 30 above you. I think all the events are rigged to get you to spend the money to buy gold to try and advance to the top. I have noticed that if I use ice packs or a boost I almost always loose, so I don't even bother with any of that. 

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