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Whyyyy am I playing a diamond playoff team in tourneys and BGs at Gold Level 1??? Look up "Glu" in the dictionary and you'll find "money whoring company that hates its customers and can't produce a functioning mobile game." Almost 6 months in and you STILL have a broken game.


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    Welcome to Tap Sports Baseball 2017!!! I get this all the time as a Gold Tier 1 level team.

    Now... maybe someone can tell me why I have Juan from Customer Service telling me Glu won't give me the 400 gold I was supposed to get when I progressed from Silver to Gold level, because their development team says I got it. I wasn't smart enough to take a before and after level up screen shot, so of course I can't prove they didn't give it to me. Mind you... Juan's previous response was the Dev team said since I have more than 400 gold in my account now, I must have gotten it. I guess watching all those endless free videos hurt me more than helped me in this one!
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