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For the most part I only play the bonus games and I spent gold on buying 3 the other day and when they didn't pop up, I emailed support. They got back to me this morning saying they credited my account with 3 bonus games, which I believe they did since the next time I opened the app, it said they had a gift for me and when I accepted it - it was 3 bonus games.

The problem is, I don't see them anywhere. I see a list of teams - a little note that says your turn - but when I scroll over don't see the bonus games like I once did.

I played a few games where they matched me at one point but don't know if that has anything to do with it.

I'm really just interested in playing bonus games and I have some gold saved up but don't want to go through this again. Any idea where those bonus games might be found?

I know this sounds really stupid - I apologize since it seems most of you are playing to compete.

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    In the game menu, go to store, then boosts. Scroll down just a little bit and you should see them. Good luck to you!
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