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Im hoping someone can ckear this up for me. This game is getting pointless. When most of my players wete in the 80-90 range for hit and power, i was scoring 8-15 runs a game. Now my players are 100-145 range for both and i struggle to score runs. This is against pitchers with stuff between 50-80. A 145 hitter shouldnt go 0-3 against a guy with 60 on stuff. 2 ground outs and a fly out. A guy with 100 hit and 125 power should be able to hit hr's consistantly against this kind of pitching. He has 2 in 45 at bats. 1-3 with a double against a guy with 47 on stuff. Anybody know what i might be doing wrong? Is the game punishing me for building my tean without using actual money? Any help would be appreciated.


  • Dennis27Dennis27 Banned Users, Member 0 Posts
    Forgot to mention a couple things. This only seems to happen against human opponents. Still score in double digits in bonus games. against better pitchers too. Also, it seems to be only the players ive added since moving to silver. The ones that were already silver. The ones i converted from bronze hit like theyre ratings say they should.
  • Dennis27Dennis27 Banned Users, Member 0 Posts
    Nobody else has noticed this? Maybe im being penalized for building my team too fast? After playing a little more, its obvious that the ratings top out at about 100.. after that, they dont improve at all.. 
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    The game is as close to death as a mobile game gets. Nobody cares anymore with Glu ruining TSB 2017 every chance they get.
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    Dennis, what are your upgrades like?  If your opponents have maxed out their pitching upgrades, and you have not done the same with your hitting upgrades, that could explain the problem (to a degree). 
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    Or just have the wrong players. Having guys with higher power than hit rating wont get you far. Just the way the game is.
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    I consideted that, but my upgrades are in the 30s.. opponents are usualy lower.. ill ground out with my 120 hitter against a 70 pitcher, and it tells me opponents pitching is upgraded to 20.. my hitting is at 31.. for some reason it only seems to happen against human opponents.. just played a bonus game and won 15-4 against a better team with better pitching.. 

    I do have a guy with 100 hit and 125 power. He has the most power but hits hr's less frequently than most of my other players.. might be something to that, but doesnt explain the other guys.. 
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    Do you like scotch? Because it just might work :)
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    Get drunk so i can blame it on that? 
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    Well whatever it was, it seems to have fixed itself. Scored 5 runs in one inning in a game i had been struggling in. Then i just started a new game. Scored 5 in the first against scherzer, 106 arm 103 stuff. Including two hr. Maybe it was a temporary penalty for building my team too fast or something.. ive heard of crazier things in this game..
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