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I have been playing MLB tap 2017 for long time now and I feel like there is one this that is missing. The game as it is I only half a game, it's only offense!

There is so much opportunity for the game to take it to the next level. My suggestion is as follows:

Add a defensive play to he game. You can do this real time if you are playing other real player or just add a pitching stage to non automated game play. 

1. Allow pitch selection. What pitch and a general vacinity you want to throw it. The accuracy of the pitch would be determined by your control, speed would be determined by arm, and movement determined by stuff. 

2. Prepitch play. All the options you have in the game play tap could be determined on a per batter basis. You would chose you outfield position, short, deep, left, right, normal. You would also chose the same for your infield. 

3. Mid inning pitching change and/or an item that can be used in game like the ice pack and energy drink to talk you your pitcher by the manager to boost batter pitching ability.

4. Pick off runner. Allowing you he ablility to chose when to try to pick off any potential runners. 

I have have been playing this game for a long time and would love the opportunity to play a complete game not just half a game. 



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    Well said brotha...but it's only a pipedream...if they did something like that watch the prices soar...Glu does as little as possible to get you hooked and addicted and then grabs your cash....hmmm.. sounds like a certain epidemic plaguing our country right now
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    Try MLB 9 innings. That’s exactly the game you just described 
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