Competition Events Extremely Disproportionate

OceansOceans Registered Users, Member 5 Posts
My team strength is always higher than my opponents 4-5 times out of a five game segment in an event. I can see ratio of losing maybe one out of five event games each time, but losing on a 3-4 average ratio in each five game segment is **** ridiculous!
Your game Dynamics are extremely out of alignment and is seriously making me consider never spending another penny on this unbalanced and grossly unfair thing you call a game.
You should be trying to get people to like your game where teams win based on their team strength, and give a little incentive to keep them playing and winning and spending money. You **** morons are doing the exact opposite. You make it so unbalanced that people want to quit. It feels like I have a **** penalty on me because my team strength is higher than my opponents, not the other way around.

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