What are the advantages of your club going up in rank?

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My club just hit diamond and one of my guys asked and I told him what I'd always been told better swag mainly. What are the advantages, I've never read what all the advantages actually are, not to mention possible downfalls. You would think we'd know by now.


  • SpicoliswaySpicolisway New Member 36 PostsRegistered Users
    I believe it's if your a platinum or diamond team and the clubs gold when you get draft picks I club events you'll only get gold players. so as I understand a diamond club I'll help the diamond teams get good players.
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    Downfalls in Diamond, Slugfest is Impossible, Walk off is next to impossible, and to upgrade players each level you need gold, cash and a boat load of XP! Also, you are in the big league now, events that you could get in the top 50 in platinum are now very difficult to even get in the top 100.
    Wish I never went to Diamond. I won't in 2018.
    Benefit, you get better players.
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    How much does it cost in evo to upgrade capped players from platinum to diamond- regular, prime, and legend? Thinking about taking the plunge but I want to have a chance.
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    you need A LOT of gold, cash and XP to upgrade players in Diamond. It's a trap and very difficult to compete in diamond unless you spend tons of cash
  • Jetboy47Jetboy47 43 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    To diamond:
    Regular player 500 gold 100 evo
    All-star Prime & Legend is 1500 gold 300 evo

    First level Diamond Prime and Legend to level 2 is Diamond is 75k cash 1.5k gold 51k XP
    Level 2 to level 3 is 87.3k cash 1.5k gold 59k XP
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    Is there a way to get EVO other than through boxes and events??? 🤔 
  • Bizymoney12Bizymoney12 215 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Benefits of moving up would be better club loyalty boxes although they are a bit higher in price. It is more of a prestigious thing more than anything. Every time you level up as a club the level award is much greater throughout the process.
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