Grossly Greedy Rewards/Expenditure ratio

OceansOceans Registered Users, Member 5 Posts
Your rewards are extremely unfair and unbalanced. 1 freaking ice pack as a reward? Are you freaking kidding me? 500 XP for a reward, when the costs to upgrade a player is a 99/1 ratio of what we win and what the total is to level up the player in higher levels. I understand profit, but greed is a whole other thing. Whoever is making the decisions on what to reward our participation in events should be taken out back and beat with a stupid stick. Better rewards give better incentive to play, and then spend our money on gold and prizes. Your rewards or lack thereof are detrimental to your objective, making us want to keep playing and spending money.


  • ToughthundercatsToughthundercats Registered Users, Member 1,959 Posts
    That's the whole problem, Glu was taken out back and beaten with a stupid stick and they took the stupid stick and bending us over and well let's just say there is no lube involved...and it hurts....bad!!!
  • BlackPearlBlackPearl Member 5 Posts
    Glu, I hope these statements are taking into consideration. The reason these statements are made are because we enjoy the game & are spending iur money. But everyone should can't spend the money you asking us to spend & excel in the game. Think about the consumer & how much they love baseball. That should be your objective. 
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