Why can’t I see new club event for today

dotgirldotgirl Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
i can’t see today’s club event


  • DODGERSYANKSDOADODGERSYANKSDOA Registered Users, Member 110 Posts
    I wonder if Glu discontinuing this game version? Other players seem to think they have had enough with all the corruption. The 2018 version is due shortly.
  • luv4allmusikluv4allmusik Registered Users, Member 82 Posts
    My club events for Tap 2016 are not functioning either. I’ve sent a message to customer service but have not heard back from them. A lot of us have spent a lot of time and money into this game and if they are pulling the plug on it, unannounced, there will be a lot of upset gamers.
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