Walkoff event keeps reloading

Itsagoner1960Itsagoner1960 29 PostsRegistered Users, Member
Has anyone else had trouble with walkoff event reloading and wiping out progress. Happened to me several times today wiping out progress on level 5. It’s very frustrating because of gold spent is lost as well as have to start again.


  • sqg491sqg491 New Member 101 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Yeah this happened to me all day on my iPad. Level 4 round 8 "Uniforms can't be loaded. App will reboot" and progress gone! Couldn't advance past that point after getting rebooted 4 times!
  • YOSHI2017YOSHI2017 18 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    This happened to me several times also. Lost all of my progress. Please fix this.
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