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Do you think it’s easier to place higher with less people in your club? Cause I have one club with 3 teams in it and it’s ranked #1and another club with 16 teams in it and it’s 46th. The 46th ranked club the top club has 1billion points and the #1 ranked club has 9million


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    We were told that it is all based on how many club wins you have that determines what bracket you are placed in. Whether that is 100% accurate, I honestly do not know. Cause we have a full club, we have restarted the club on a Sunday night and took 3rd on Monday and then we were right back in the same bracket with all the elite clubs and could not place better than 50th the rest of the week.

    I have also heard that if every team in your club waits a few hours to hop on the app and play, you will be in a much easier bracket.  

    If it has to do with overall combined team's strength or wins in your club, I would think having fewer teams in your club could potentially put you against much easier competition. 

    As you can tell by now, I do not know the exact formula that Glu uses to determine which bracket your club is placed. I have heard too many things, from too many people, and tried alot of these strategies. Some have seemed to work or help for a while, but ultimately we seem to find ourselves right back in that top tier bracket, before too long. 

    I personally would love it, if they would go back to making more accolades available. It doesn't even have to be the top 100 clubs like it used to be, but top 50 clubs would make a huge difference for my club, then maybe we could come close to competing in the bracket we are usually in. 

    I'm sorry to post this to your question and not actually give you a definitive answer, but this topic, has perplexed me for a while now. And I would love to hear any other feedback you might get to your question. 
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