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while I understand the goal for any company is to make money, the odds or at least the consolation prize should be increased.

im fine with odds staying the same but the discrepancy between the top prize and bottom prize is too great.

nobody ever really wants evo or cash in mystery boxes.  I understand you still need to have ‘dud’ prizes but why not make it less depressing? 

If I spend 1400 gold on a potm for example, I’m going to be upset if I get cash regardless, however If it was like 200-300k at least I wouldn’t feel TOTALLY ripped off.

if people spend money/gold they should at least feel slightly rewarded in some way.  Some prizes obviously won’t be as good as others but 2 evo or 65k cash is a slap in the face when you’re spending hard earned Real life money.

Not saying everything needs to be a big win but the huge losses have discouraged me from spending more money.   If I didn’t feel like I could potentially be spending $30 for 2 evo tokens id be spending more money.  At least 2-300k cash I can buy some picks and feel like I got SOMETHING even if it’s not what I was trying to get. 


  • ele905ele905 3 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    As proof, I decided to spend money this weekend,  bought an all star box where my odds should have landed me a 5 star or at least prime xp and I get 3400 xp. 

    So so instead of dropping another 40-50 dollars I gave up. I can’t justidy spending 100 dollars to get something that I can get in 2 hours of club vs club.

    I understand the motive to make money and that you can’t just gift everyone a top prize but 3400 xp in gold division is peanuts and a deterrent to spend more.  12000 xp still wouldn’t have been my first pick but I wouldn’t feel ripped off life I do now. :( 

    love this game but ive felt ripped off more than I’ve felt rewarded this year

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    I have to agree with you on the cash and evo in these boxes. 1500g gold to get 6 evo or 70k cash is not right. When it comes to pulling its all dumb luck. I have been on both the good and bad side of it. We had 2 guys in our club pull Elite All Stars... 1 pulled him in 1 pull. The other took 3 pulls and got 3 players, one being All Star Judge. So its really dumb luck. I got 14 boxes boxes and pulled 4 all stars. I got 3 in 10 but really wanted a shot at the 425 hitters as I am in gold and landing one at normal XP is better then getting a prime player and not spending 100k in prime XP to cap him.

    But I gambled and tried because I felt like my luck was good this weekend. I took 1 pull on the weekend box and landed Gorkys, but to give everyone perceptive my record for POM last month was 0 for 8. And this month I got 2 in 12. So I would love to see the EVO removed from these higher end boxes as 1500g really does feel like a punch in the face for that amount. Even the cash should be at-least 2 or 300k. As the odds of pulling evo, cash or xp are 380/1000 compared to 300/1000 of pulling a player.
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    Being one of those unlucky ones who rarely gets a good player, never mind the top player offerings out of these boxes, I wholeheartedly agree. My first and last experience with POTM was getting 65k cash three times in a row and similarly with POTW getting XP three times in a row. Draft picks are no better in terms of results, for example taking 35 pulls to get my first and only Prime for that pick (plus one 5* and two 4.5* total). The best results Ive had are when they put out that one day special box for 300 g and all thats in it is an enhanced version player and a #1 pick. Worst experuence with that was 11 pulls to get the player I wanted, BUT I got ten #1 picks to try as consolation prize didnt I .... so that box I definitely like when it shows up.
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    Posted on different thread by me.

    I’m calling shenanigans on the players boxes. On iOS, they are forced by Apple to report the odds of getting a specific reward. For certain boxes, the reported odds are absurd as indicated earlier in the thread. Sometimes, the odds of pulling the headliner is 2.5% (25 out of 1000). Those boxes shouldn’t really be considered player boxes. They’re really miscellaneous rewards boxes where you’re more likely to get a daily amount of cash than an actual player.

    Personally, I’d never waste time or resources on those unless I find myself short on a fan reward where I know I’m getting a player through the event, not the box. They’re a bad bet and bad game theory. Even if you pull the headliner, you still have to spend a bunch of resources leveling them up to a playable level. So, I can’t really call shenanigans on those types of boxes. They’re billed as bad bets for, the outset.

    Where I am calling shenanigans is on the other player boxes, especially the event-oriented boxes. Those boxes tend to offer 1 or 2 headliners who are primes with similar odds to the specific player name boxes. But, these boxes also offer a host of lower rated players. Generally, there’s a few 5 Star players boosted to 340 or 355 Max and a few regular 3.5/4 Star players.

    According to the listed odds, if you buy one of these boxes, you’ll get a player of some sort roughly 70% of the time. Granted, you’ll probably get a lesser player who might have a lesser bonus value for the event and won’t be useful beyond the event. But, at least you’ll get a player.

    In theory.

    However, over the course of the last 3 weeks, I’ve opened 73 of these boxes. I’ve kept track simply because a few guys on my club were complaining they only ever got xp from their boxes. I had actually pulled a decent player on my only open that week, so I didn’t think anything of it.

    Anyways, 73 player boxes over the last 3 weeks. 6 players. 49 xp rewards. 19 Prime xp rewards.

    Of the 6 players, none was rated higher than 3.5 stars. In fact, this past weekend, I got the exact same 3.5 star player on back to back opens.

    In my opinion, GLU isn’t reporting their odds accurately, which would violate their terms of service with Apple. If it was just a handful of boxes with those results, it might be a run of independent bad luck. But, according to their listed odds, if I open 73 boxes, I should expect to get roughly 50 players and 23 xp rewards, not 67 xp rewards and 6 players.

    Shenanigans have been called.
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    Some of what irritates me the most, and what I believe supports your last post implicitely, is the duplicate player syndrome. I've complained a few times about this in the past, trying to justify how you can possibly pull the same player 3 and 4 times in row? It's one thing to use the odds to justify a category of prize (like 2.5% for let's say a Prime player) but how does it get justified when you pull the same 3.5* player 3 and 4 times in a row? And when your buddy is with you and getting the exact same results... and the same thing can happen with draft picks. Five of us will get together and play (with the obligatory banter hehe), then the almost daily gift will be sent out. The five of us will open the draft pick or box together and most of the time, 3 or 4 of us will get the exact same result, including the identical player should we get a player at all. That result of course never happens should one of us actually pull a good player.
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  • SandpipersSandpipers 1,234 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Having said the above, it doesnt take long to figure out that if you're unlucky like me, you know that despite whatever odds are being posted and that no matter how many others report getting the top players in their first or second attempts, or even go 6 for 9 type of thing, I'll be the guy who gets nothing for 30 attempts most of the time. So, yeah I still get disappointed, but i dont worry about it anymore. Mine will be to take the long way home....
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    I’ve comw to accept that the odds aren’t in our favour, my main issue is that the bottom end prizes are terrible.

    if I spent real money at the VERY least it should help me. 3k xp literally does nothing but help teams who stayed in bronZe or silver.

    ypu shouldn’t be at a disadvantage for going into higher divisions. Last year once you got to gold , all your picks were pulled as gold players. This year you have to level them up form bronze EVERY time. Knowing that, who does :k xp help? Shouldn’t I be rewarded for advancing divisions? Because at this point I’ve come to see you can compete easier in the lower divisions . 
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    Just wanted to share that I just opened 33% off Harper Gift box and got...... wait for it...... 70,000 buddy of course got Prime Harper....
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  • SandpipersSandpipers 1,234 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Ok, my final entry in my sad journey through the all star boxes or any boxes for that matter.... bought 6 more.... got 70k cash 3 times, purple xp 2 times and Prime XP 1 time... think I'll stop now, point has been proven thoroughly, now and ever since the game launched this year. If i get boxes for free, great, but getting gold to buy them? Nope not gonna waste my time any further
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    I just generally feel ripped off all of the time. My best player is the Freddie Freeman they were selling for $40. I have 140k prime xp and no prime players. Countless attempts at mystery boxes and prime picks. At this point I've been sitting on my gold literally scared to spend it. 
    Miss the RBraves..
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    I had some good luck this morning, finally, and i mean finally, had a little gold in the tank and went for the MVP All Star box at 500g, 1 pull and got the Prime Bregman.... was in shock for 10 seconds lol
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    Maybe offer previous versioms of skilled players as bacup prizes? They wont rake up bonus pts anymore but that can be a great add too woh or even your game roster. We win, they win. And if ya gotta have that bonus guy, just keep buying.

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    Please forgive my typing, just had surgery and laying down it the dark reading these posts.

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    It's essentially a gambling game. Without the potential for a kick in the balls the thrill of winning is diminished. It's all about that rush that has tweakers sitting in GA meetings working the steps. There is a reason that people spend a lot on this game; it taps into that addiction center and the win/loss potential heightens the thrill when you do happen to hit.

    AKA  Brokejawipeout

    ..............DISAGREE!!!!!!!   😂 
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    I always seem to have better odds when I buy gold with real cash vs watching videos for gold. I haven't won a box by watching videos with 10% odds in over a week. Based on the odds I should have least pulled a couple of specialty players let alone a prime. 
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    If I spend 1400 gold on a potm for example, I’m going to be upset if I get cash regardless, however If it was like 200-300k at least I wouldn’t feel TOTALLY ripped off.

    I bought 4 and only got xp. Lovely glu
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