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Let me preface this post by saying I'd love suggestions or advice on where to go forward with my team. I'm way over leveled  (platinum 6 division) and am trying to salvage woh/cvc points (hr derby is literally out of the picture). That's what I'd like but I'm open to any suggestions.

Anyone know the regular and prime xp amounts for the first 5-6 levels of Platinum? Trying to figure out how far I'd get either one or two of my hitters or one prime.

I'm very low on evo but need a better hitter or two to have a chance to get a hit at level 9 and 10 of woh. Didn't know enough til I hit platinum to not go that far. Wish I was still silver ><

I've got 150 evo, 130k reg and 135k prime xp. Would cost me 150 evo to evolve a prime or 50 for a regular. My three best regular hitters are 355 max (with one more not leveled up), and ramos is my prime. I'd like to get my all star scherzer to gold but at this point I don't see it being worth it for another pitcher. I'm kinda f'd either way so I'm trying to decide the best way on.

My top few of my lineup:
Overall Name Max Level
Regular Hitters
208 Ozuna 355 g10 (OF)
208 Martinez 355 g10 (1B)
208 Swanson 355 g10 (SS)
170 Votto 355 g3 (1B)
Regular Pitchers
211 Paxton 340 p2
187 Sherzer 425 s10
181 Severino 335 g7
243 Cole 415 g10 (SP prime)
234 Carter 445 g6 (OF legend)
234 Ramos 400 g10 (C prime)
208 Arrieta 375 g8 (SP prime)

Sorry for the way too long post, but I figured I'd give as many details as I could if someone wanted to try to help. Any questions lmk!


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    Reg Xp Prime XP
    1. 5400 12000
    2. 6000 13000
    3. 7000 15000
    4. 8000 17000
    5. 9000 19000
    6. 10000 22000
    7. 12000 26000
    8. 14000 30000
    9. 16000 34000
    10. Capped Capped
    This is what I have found.
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    So I could get two regular batters to p7 or one to p10. Would bring them (guessing) to 250ish overall (at p7). Or just do ramos to p7 to get him to 270ish and hopefully cap him with the next vip gift. Idk =/

    Thank you very much that helps a lot!

    EDIT: Should have added that I have All-Star Betts too, 355 max but still bronze 1.
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