While I wait on CS...have you seen this before?

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Been having a lot of issues lately. Wondering if anyone can share similar experiences while I wait.

-Progress timers say "17727 days" when I load pages with them for 5-15 seconds, then corrects itself. If I start a game while it says that it doesn't cost event energy (So I just don't play them atm)
-I get ads for old completed fan rewards when there is an active fan reward event going on. I get the active one sometimes as well.
-Current fan rewards set to the correct amount when I buy something and then goes back to 0 once I do anything (cant collect or add on)
-Current fan rewards events only appear on the 'games' screen after a prime event game and only if I get the ad for the correct event and only if I don't click 'visit store' on the ad, otherwise shows nothing anywhere
-WoH sent me back to level one twice after completing later levels yesterday


For reference, I use a galaxy s7, am always on low traffic Wi-Fi  (120mb dl/15-20mb up) and run nothing else while I tap away.

I submitted my ticket with cs yesterday morning, so while I wait I figured maybe someone here has seen any of this and can provide any kind of clarity.

Lastly, if you (also) think I'm sol, please wish me luck and don't beat the dead horse!


(Just needed to vent, very frustrated with this!)


  • YANKSCOWBYS4LIFEYANKSCOWBYS4LIFE Registered Users, Member 45 Posts
    Did u try doing auto or Manual update. Try that first. If ur brave then u can try to install the app again.
  • soxfansoxfan Registered Users, Member 164 Posts
    Did u try doing auto or Manual update. Try that first. If ur brave then u can try to install the app again.
    Not sure what you mean by update, def not brave like that though lol
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  • caddie2323caddie2323 Registered Users, Member 187 Posts
    Had a guy have that pop up as well today in his energy refresh for prime event.  Quite a while to wait.  Had been having problems getting Into his account today too.
  • SpicoliswaySpicolisway Registered Users 36 Posts
    Yep I've had all that. Re installed. Update don't work. My starters all disappeared replaced with 1 star guys on top of that unable to play and technically cheated by glu (my entire starting roster off and pitching is gone) and the irony is after having to uninstall the failed update it not let me log in to my half team with email apparently because their game assumes I was cheating and trying to have 2 teams on 1 device. So I can't get back into the game at all and no res0onse for 2 weeks no from glu. Experts yes and very nice but always forwarded to glu and not one response. Good luck
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    By that point it will be Legend Trout
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    48 years, will be legend trout jr by that point lol

    To add to the list, every time I beat slugfest level 1 round 1 I get bonus points but don't move forward. No response for 2 days from cs =/
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