Prime jose ramirez

soxfansoxfan Registered Users, Member 164 Posts
Just curious, as I haven't really looked at or considered any of the $20 player boxes til now, what are the odds on getting the prime player from this? Also, is the 5 star with skill version always a low max overall like the ohtani one (315ish)? Seems like a waste but I'd really like that prime Ramirez ><


  • mehmehmeh1mehmehmeh1 Registered Users, Member 30 Posts
    If I’m not mistaken it’s been about 25-50/1000 for prime and somewhat higher for 5 star with a skill but still pretty low odds
  • soxfansoxfan Registered Users, Member 164 Posts
    =( thanks, guess I'll stick to hoping for him being a woh reward sometime
  • SandpipersSandpipers Registered Users, Member 1,327 Posts
    I can't get the view button to work for the last few weeks and pop up ads aren't popping up for me lately, but i seem to remember regular 5* has been 800/1000 and the remaining 20% I think was split up to 150/1000 for 5* enhanced with skill and 50/1000 for the prime version.
    It's all done with mirrors
  • tribeWS18tribeWS18 Registered Users, Member 71 Posts
    About time we had prime jose,  now we just need slugger version
  • soxfansoxfan Registered Users, Member 164 Posts
    I bought one to check it out. The skill version isn't a bad max overall but his hitting is kinda low

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