Odd luck on draft picks?

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So I'm pretty sure that the majority of us can agree the results we get from mystery boxes are quite terrible. But, I don't know about the rest of you, but my luck on non-prime draft picks is always phenomenal. I opened 26 #1 drafts yesterday and pulled Severino, Jose Martinez, Trout, and Strasburg. It really pisses me off that my luck on weekend boxes is just BS compared to useless #1 drafts. Any of you have the same experience? I've heard this could hint at some type of soft jail or something. Anyways, I'm just angry at my remarkable luck on something useless and want to know if the rest of the population has the same experiences.
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    Once prime players became plentiful I noticed a lot higher number of 4.5* and 5* guys appearing in the #1 draft picks... while in the prime draft picks the norm was 3.5*. Coincidence? I dunno but regardless for many guys if you don't pull a prime or an enhanced 5* player, you're feeding the purple xp bin. The last couple of weeks I've picked up the 4.5* or 5* versions of several of my primes, easily 5 or 6 of them.... weird.
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