Weekend Mystery Box Odds

clipsr301clipsr301 Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
     Every weekend on TAP Baseball a new set of mystery boxes are available for purchase.  These boxes usually contain special versions of players that are valuable in terms of earning you extra club bonus points.  Most of the time the odds on receiving one of these players in a mystery box are very low.  Now, my beef with these boxes is this; How is it possible for me to get the same player from 3 boxes in a row???  Boxes which I purchased with 500 gold points which is comparable to $5.  What I would like to see is that once you receive a player from the box, he is either removed from the pool or you get the option to re-roll to receive something different.  Another thing I have noticed is, when I first started playing the game that I would be lucky enough to get the best player from a box that I received as a free gift.  Once I started purchasing the boxes I have yet to receive a player that I would consider worth purchasing the box in the first place.  Maybe the odds should change with every purchase.  It is a very upsetting feeling to spend money to and get very little for it.  In my opinion, its like playing a slot machine at the casino!!!  


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    sigillum0311sigillum0311 Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    I have been I the same boat they that you have a 500 chance of getting the 5 star game changer and I purchased 3 boxes and got the same player all three times so I agree that a player should be removed once you have received them 
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    schizzschizz Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
    That's just part of the challenge. Sometimes you will get good pulls in boxes and get different players and sometimes you won't. Today I was very fortunate with my boxes and got 5 different players in 6 boxes. The drop rate seems very random. I have gotten 9 double skill players in the past month. Before that, I was only getting a good 355+ player every once in a while.
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