Congrats on ruining walkoff

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Now you have officially ruined every event. Maxed all time greats can’t even get it done. The unhittable curveball is the Glu special. I don’t know when it was decided you can only get a it on a fastball and when pitchers don’t throw a single fastball it’s over.


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    I would post a video but it won't let me. 3 times with 480 max Reggie Jackson boosted 30%... each time 9 sliders in a row, not even a single baserunner. You're absolutely right, they ruined it. Just a gold grab to see if you'll spend enough to actually get a fastball sequence. BS.

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    I went 0-14 on Diaz. I think I hit every single fastball except 1. The problem was that almost every pitch was a curve. I even hit two of those! I guess that will have to pass for an achievement.

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    0-17 got back one more time and of course nothing but curves... difference this time was every pitcher from Severino increased the number of curves they threw, making it more diffucult than before to get back to 5.10

    Only small bright spot today was the prime pick I got for winning level 4 yielded Prime Pujols... not great but a step up from Kemp and posey and only point behind mr. Smile lol

    It's all done with mirrors
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    Won some awesome prizes today for walk off lmao played through a million times . Went 0-28 on Diaz. Had 1 round where I got 3 runs and loaded the bases with 1 out ..... Then the sliders rained . I refused to buy or spend any gold on walk off . (Used what I had on slugfest) they'll not see another dime from me if this is now the norm . I don't mind a challenge . Hell the reward is beating the challenge . But half of these breaking balls the "paint the corner" don't actually paint shit but a new batters box . If you have any plate discipline in regular games you know full well half of those pitches are balls . Couple that with the fact that even those juicy ones that are hanging right over the center of the plate can't be hit for anything more then a weak ground ball or a pop up . It's absurd . I wrote CS a very polite essay highlighting all the ridiculousness . I loved this game .. but it's taking a clockwise spin down the crapper as of late .

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