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has anyone else experienced just impossible rounds? I literally had Diaz throw me 30 at bats of unhittable curveballs. I don't understand this shit. I used a lefty and a righty and just could not get a fastball or any contact with a curve(if I could make contact) was a pop up. This shit just feels so broken. The amount of luck you need to win is dumb. I shouldn't have to cross my fingers and hope for a fastball. I should be able to hit a curve. One of the most infuriating days of playing this game. Considering retiring because of it lmao. Does anyone have tips on hitting curves?


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    Totally agree & close to quiting myself
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    You dont hit the curves, if your not getting FBs it means your skills aren't high enough on your players or the players themselves aren't good enough.  Your skills made the difference weather you see FBs or not.
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    dkarski87 said:
    You dont hit the curves, if your not getting FBs it means your skills aren't high enough on your players or the players themselves aren't good enough.  Your skills made the difference weather you see FBs or not.
    I used to think this, until my 844 overall boosted hitter is getting repeatedly bent over by a 480 overall pitcher.  
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    You can hit the curves that go across the middle of the plate. However, each at bat is scripted to be capable of being a hit or predetermined to be an out. Your batter's hit rating, including bonus skills and upgrades, will determine which sequence you get.

    If you're not getting enough fastballs or simply not having success(it's not an issue of skill), it means that you're batter isn't rated high enough. 
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    I agree with @DFBB and @dkarski87. You need to have a certain level of skills on your player to have any chance. I have found a good rule of thumb in gold is making sure your 5.10 batter is at least 200 points stronger than the pitcher. So for yesterday a 486 strength boosted batter would give a good chance of a win versus the 286 pitcher.
    Only way to get a 486 strength gold batter is to have a strong batter to begin with - over 500 max, 2 active skills that are up to at least 15 or 16 and use a video, 40 or 80 gold boost. My Holiday Ted is 509 after the 80 gold boost and beat Verlander fairly consistently.
    Also I have found that some batters are just bad match ups with some pitchers. Babe Ruth struggled against DeGrom for me and I want to use him really bad, but when I used LL Trout, with less overall strength, he never lost. Sometimes you need to experiment to get the right match up even if it does not seem like a good move.
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    Every time I see the words "Skills" mentioned...…. #skillsgate!!!!!
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    The curve,slider in the middle of the plate is the pitch to hit, Can't wait for fastballs.  If you hit the curve,slider your next sequence will be fastballs. Usually one curve an at bat is hittable, if you miss it you wont see any fastballs.
    Just the strategy that works for me. 
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    Here’s how this works, depending on hit rating of your hitter vs the stuff rating for the pitcher determines how much you’ll get to hit and how often you’ll get hitable pitches.  If you’re seeing the curveballs and sliders, unless it cuts the heart of the plate (a hanger) that at-bat is dead and unless you’re trying to advance the runners up a base or trying to bring in the tying run with a ground ball/sac fly I just let them go by.  You can boost your hitter with a video or some gold before the matchup begins to give yourself a better chance.  I wish it wasn’t completely RNG and every matchup was winnable if you had enough skill but it is what it is and for most of us that frequent these forums it’s our favorite event.
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    Houmy said:
    Every time I see the words "Skills" mentioned...…. #skillsgate!!!!!
    FUnny in reference to #Skillgate I am currently playing a one on one game with a buddy of mine, and noticed my prime Rizzo with RHP Skill was not active, but my EB Harper was on lol.

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