Free Agency Box

tocopan18tocopan18 Registered Users, Member 803 Posts
yet another box full of different versions of the same players we already have, and of course the same shitty odds. I will pass on this cause almost none of those players would make my team anyway.
By the way, since when did Jeurys Familia became a SP? Isn't he a closer? Typical GLU stupidity. 


  • caddie2323caddie2323 Registered Users, Member 187 Posts
    I’ve got 2 in alcs box and they aren’t registering bonus points or costing less to level. 
  • tocopan18tocopan18 Registered Users, Member 803 Posts
    @caddie2323 did you try restarting the app to see if it helps?
  • snowy24snowy24 Registered Users, Member 303 Posts
    Bradley and Hill aren’t even in the box, so they have the wrong players in that box. 
  • nym5fannym5fan Registered Users, Member 767 Posts
    Caddie me too. I did restart as well. I always do prior to playing the first game. 
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  • SandpipersSandpipers Registered Users, Member 1,327 Posts
    Either box is a waste for most of us I should think... the labeling of relievers as starters and vice versa is just sloppy... or maybe they've got new inside info on the players involved lol
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  • tocopan18tocopan18 Registered Users, Member 803 Posts
    edited October 2018
    @Sandpipers, you may be onto something there :D

  • LonzoBallinLonzoBallin Registered Users, Member 637 Posts
    I just spent a bunch of prime xp leveling the players from the box and now it looks like they won't even be bonus players.
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  • HaraycarayHaraycaray Registered Users, Member 910 Posts
    0-15 on FA Boxes fml
  • tocopan18tocopan18 Registered Users, Member 803 Posts
    @Haraycaray, you should have waited at least until the fan rewards started counting within the next 30 mins if you were planning to spend all that gold. Not that the rewards are that great anyways, but at least you get something.
  • caddie2323caddie2323 Registered Users, Member 187 Posts
    I want my gold spent to go to stadium not fan rewards. And player levelling too this is bs.  I guess I’ll sit back and see what they do.  bellinger  is big bonus player and not pictured. 
  • byramorazorbacksbyramorazorbacks Registered Users, Member 21 Posts
    I got ramos....i aint mad
  • bigvivecbigvivec Registered Users, Member 2,133 Posts
    edited October 2018
    I got JD who wasn't supposed to be in the box, levelled him up and then discover he's not worth a sh*t (not actually a bonus player though I pulled him from the bonus box THAT GLU GAVE OUT!!!!)...then find out that they messed up and then "fixed" their mistake by updating all the players in the already released boxes to new players.  JD doesn't make my team otherwise so I just wasted resources for nothing.  Contacted GLU and they could care less;  they said they were sorry and that I'd be compensated;  I asked them what the compensation was and until now have gotten no answer (7hours).  Big kick in the nuts for super sloppy work on the host's part.  
  • DFBBDFBB Registered Users, Moderators, Member, Moderator 6,602 Posts
    @bigvivec That's a bummer, but to be fair, the mistake was obvious if you've been playing. Anyways, glad that they're going to compensate you.
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  • SandpipersSandpipers Registered Users, Member 1,327 Posts
    Obvious or not, you can't trust most of what they do because of the large number of mistakes and changes they make. Those screw ups cost users time and resources as well as frustration. Whatever is released and/or changes made, I think it makes sense to just wait at least an hour or two after you've seen something new before acting on it and check Global/Forums/Twitter/FB for any feedback.
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