Gold Problem

SantashelperSantashelper Registered Users, Member 58 Posts
If you haven't noticed, there is a shortage of gold in TSB '18. The game really went sour when the GOLD DERBY was axed. Tier levels have been increased and only dish out 200 gold (if you happen to play with a club that can max the tiers, which MOST don't).
Think about this:
It is more economical to watch 50 videos than to play the game for gold. WOW. Everyone in my club knows this. Most in the game know this. That's why we only ever play Walk-off and Royale. Because we have a chance at a player. When you put out new boxes with bonus players DAILY, it no longer makes sense to play. Say we get a player or two. They are USELESS after that event. New editions come out the next day. But we have no gold left. So we don't play. As many users as there are in this game, TONS are idle. Have you club hopped and noticed how many people have QUIT? Think about this: it is more worthwhile to WATCH ADS for gold than to actually PLAY THE GAME. And even then, watching ads isn't "worthwhile," because you get 4 gold in a game that requires THIRTY THOUSAND for a Legend who can't even hit a fastball off of a pitcher who isn't even HALF as good (WOH). We watch videos to get some daily gold and shut the app. I know a ton of people who are resorting to this. The game is no longer playable in many respects.
PLEASE offer more ways of getting gold. Here are a few suggestions:
1. BRING BACK GOLD HOME RUN DERBY (I used to be in the app 7-10 hours a day - now not very much at all).
2. Offer gold for TOP 10 on weekends instead of just TOP 3 (I really don't know why TOP 10 gets gold during the week but not on weekends).
3. Bring back the 2x gold for watching videos.
4. Include gold in some of the daily gifts. Whatever happened to that?
5. Include gold in the LEVEL rewards for WOH and Slugfest.


  • colesyycolesyy Registered Users, Member 13 Posts
    Totally agree. I have a several new players  sitting on my bench, I including legend Mickey mantel because I don’t have enough gold to buy evo to upgrade him. Not enough ways to earn gold. it’s even hard to get gold by watching videos now. It seems like they recently changed how the videos are queued and takes forever for the next video to load.
  • JoshhedJoshhed Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    I have the same problems because I’m getting plenty of good players but I don’t have the gold to level them up.
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