Go for Scioscia or Wait?

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Here's what I’m working with. REALLY need a SS, but would love a lefty catcher. So do I go for Scioscia and hope they do 2x videos for Thanksgiving, or save for a SS? At 41k gold. Also have Schmidt on the bench.


  • HaraycarayHaraycaray Registered Users, Member 910 Posts
    Spend gold on the legends boxes? 
  • LonzoBallinLonzoBallin Registered Users, Member 637 Posts
    With Ted Williams you don't need Soscia for WOH.  I would try to remain patient and wait for a SS.
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  • VellocetVellocet Registered Users, Member 23 Posts
    They already had fan reward ss Cabrera. Go for scoscia and hope you land a legend or prime ss in boxes you buy. 
  • tshea510tshea510 Registered Users, Member 1,786 Posts
    Personally, a 370 Max Tier 6 player makes this not very appealing to me. It’s usually higher max Primes, is it not? I just don’t think this one is worth the gold
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  • VellocetVellocet Registered Users, Member 23 Posts
    It was a prime only pick which usually has the old prime players which is just about useless now. At least you get a bonus player. 
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