Question for 11/12 WOH

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So far this year I haven't chased ATG boxes because of the cost of leveling them (I'm gold). I also had no luck getting Mays or Mantle from WOH boxes, but would like to have an ATG, just because mostly. I usually cycle 6-10 times, depending on how much time I have to play - average is about once per hour. I've noticed that the compensation for trading in an ATG is EVO for that player, which is the most expensive part of leveling ATG's. I know it's a little crazy (and unlikely I'll get Babe anyway), but I'm wondering if it might be a decent strategy to trade him in right away if I do get him early in the day, so I've got EVO in hand if I can get lucky a second time. I don't NEED an ATG, as my focus has been on maximizing club bonus points as I use my main team to earn event rewards to build a few of my other teams - building the teams is one of the things I find most enjoyable. In my experience you are much more likely to get the same player you already have, regardless of the RNG - I got Reggie Jackson 4 times the week he was the reward for example (one among many). I'm guessing that theory, if it is accurate, won't hold up if you trade the guy in, but it's very tempting to try this "strategy" of trading Babe in if I can get him early. I'd almost rather not have him than have him at Bronze or Silver because I won't buy the EVO boxes to take him gold. What do you guys think? TIA.
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