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As it's been noted time and time again the odds on boxes are atrocious.  What I think would be interesting is tiers to the boxes at different cost.  I wouldn't be opposed to a wide opportunity box for 250 or 350 gold and a box say at 900 that gave you POTW odds for players.  And instead of having hackers or big spenders spam the big box make it a 5x purchase max.  Then from there it's just luck on the lower odd box.  I can't tell you how many weekends I was 0-10+ boxes and some weekends I'd pull 3-5.  If you're like me you wanna contribute as much and as often as possible.  Another change I'd find better is gold and money being separated!!! Gold is an in game currency and should be used for in game currency for the risk we all are aware of.  I'd like to see less money options and keep it more gold driven programs.  If you ask for 20$ over 1800 gold then I'd expect prime only or an evolving player who can change into a bonus version of itself.  Gold can be earned in the game and real life money can not so I don't think treating them equally is good.  Lastly the price of gold...I don't expect major change to this but a 1$-100gold ratio would be nice, and bonus gold should be meaningful.  Example, 20$ gold is 1840: which figures to 1800gold at less than 100 per 1$ and the bonus 40 isn't even enough for a CvC restart lol.  100$ is the only gold per dollar ratio I like but cost alot and casual players won't get that deal; however, even on the 99$ deal the bonus 400 is just a 4$ deal stack.  For those who invest the money the return should be nice.  Something that could create more buzz is a flash deal for 2000 gold at 15$ for a day w/purchase limits.  Just some things I've been pondering and would love to hear the feedback.  I'm also in no manner saying this is how it ought to be, just stating what I'd like to see whether it's feasible is another discussion.


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    I think those are great ideas, but Glu wants guys to spam the boxes and waste tons of cash.  Any idea that puts a max on boxes Glu makes a killing on would never be an idea Glu considers.  I think for keeping it fair and more even for all players, better odds boxes would be great.  I just don’t see Glu ever picking a better game and fairness over making their money.  Now if all the boxes raised the gold prices a bit for way better odds with a max purchase number....Glu may consider that but dudes would make crazy amounts of purchases.    
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