Leveling Discount *edit: done*

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Edit: Thank you, got him to platinum 10 with the discount! If anyone needs similar help message me.

I just picked up Damon from the hair box and I'm pretty excited to have a good lefty bat for woh. I dont have a legend in my lineup yet (been platinum for a while) which makes it even better.

I was just wondering if anyone would be kind enough to let me join their club with the 30% leveling discount. This is assuming that all works (joining and immediately getting the discount) and applies to legends. It would save me 90k legend xp and leave me just enough lxp for another.

I could make a helmet/ball donation to your club or play a cvc round with your club (my team strength is 136k so autoplay likes me).

Sorry to beg =/ just would be cool 
My team name is FahgodaHouse, can contact me here or in game

Thank you


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    Sent you a pm.
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    How do you get the leveling discount?
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    Finishing high on Thursday bonus game day as a club.
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