Clash Kings

MadswagooMadswagoo Registered Users, Member 193 Posts
What are the odds that after round 1 the top 2 teams have the same exact score! Coincidence??


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    nym5fannym5fan Registered Users, Member 767 Posts
    highly suspect
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    DFBBDFBB Registered Users, Moderators, Member, Moderator 6,602 Posts
    I can only assume that their scores reflects some type of 'cap' where the system fails to recognize bigger scores. 
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    LudwigMonsterLudwigMonster Registered Users, Member 381 Posts
    Not to derail the convo - but anyone know how soon you need to have your Ace locked in prior to the event?

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    midnightmaraudermidnightmarauder Registered Users, Member 122 Posts
    bigger question is why those clubs who are clearly cheating aren't jailed. oh yeah, they spend hella $$$. 
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