Customizable skills / Legend ratings

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Customizable Skills for Special Edition Players
Please offer 500+ level players that have two customizable skills - two skills that WE pick from your current listing of skills. It's a shame for a 520 Mantle to have RISP or 2-Out skills in my opinion - I'd rather have the Late and RHP skill so he can have both skills activated all the time in WOH, for example. Or, even better, two times RHP skill so he can crush the likes of Ohtani and Buehler or be deadly against all righties in all modes - or maybe even two times LHP skill so he can squash the Snells of the world.  

To that end, I recently got a Mookie Betts with WOH skill. Although cool when playing WOH, it's useless anywhere else. I'd rather that skill be Late Innings also as that would activate in all game modes, not just WOH. Maybe even 2x LHP skill so both are activated against any lefty in any situation in any game mode. 

Those are just a couple of examples - I'm sure everyone else would have their own opinions how they'd like to see the skills.

Allow Legend Overall Ratings to Grow
By offering $20 Black Friday guys that cap with blue XP, you ultimately made Legends and, to some extent, Primes unnecessary. I have three leveled Legends that can't hold a candle to my BF Yelich. Given the ultimate cost to level up legends, shouldn't they inherently have the highest ratings? Why would I grind for weeks to level up a legend when a good day of cycling WOH I can level up two blue XP guys? I certainly won't ever level up a Legend with less than a 500 overall max. 

To be clear, I'm NOT suggesting you stop offering those sweet blue XP guys with max overall ratings of 500, but at least upgrade their Legend counterparts accordingly. Christian Yelich is a nice hitter, but how in the world is he outhitting my Ted Williams Legend?! This inherently makes NO sense.

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