Inactive players: to trade in or not to trade in?

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Is it worth it to keep these guys for the future, or should I just trade them in for the XP? For example I’ve got a Puig with the RHP skill at 6%. He’s maxed out at 214 in gold. Definitely not very good when compared to the rest of my roster. Keep him or get the 7K blue XP? 


  • redlegs2018uredlegs2018u Registered Users, Member 1,048 Posts
    They have been reusing some players for bonuses the last couple weeks but most of those have been old weekend guys and sig Primes so don’t know for sure to be honest.
  • LudwigMonsterLudwigMonster Registered Users, Member 381 Posts
    I tend to trade in older players for xp to use towards building up more current players, especially if the newer ones have more skills and a higher overall max. 
  • matt_sackettmatt_sackett Registered Users, Member 1,540 Posts
    I kept 2 reds players I got from a box earlier this season, so today would be great, except I forgot my ipad.  

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    For me this question really depends on your team level. Gold and below I would save, platinum and diamond I traded in a lot. I only have inactive primes right now and that’s because i have 470K in prime XP
  • Wicked0WildcatsWicked0Wildcats Registered Users, Member 1,040 Posts
    I keep almost all my 425 max or so and higher now.  With the absolute peanuts that they give you to trade them in and how much easier it has gotten to acquire PXP and LXP, it hardly seems worth trading them in.
  • tocopan18tocopan18 Registered Users, Member 803 Posts
    I usually keep anyone that has a skill. Some times old players are included in newer boxes (during the week, not the weekend boxes) and sometimes those old players are even bonus players. It has happened to me several times in the last few weeks.
    Now the problem is that apparently GLU has a limit on the number of players allowed (inactive or not) in the team, so eventually you may run out of space and seems like glu removes lower ranked players when new players get added to the roster. I recently noted that a bunch of 5* with skills and former POTW/POTM I had saved from several months ago were GONE from my team.
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    If your club is active there's usually a bonus team for the events. Would be worth stockpiling guys to put up points during those events. Even though your Puig is maxed at 214, a lot of times the events also boost the bonus teams so you may get an additional 20% there. Long story short is keep some guys from each team handy if you play the events.
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