Looking for a couple things

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Hey everyone, I'm looking for a bit of info for my club. None of us are diamond and we've been a platinum club forever. Just looking for a few pieces of info pertaining to club, team and player leveling. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Things I've been looking for are as follows. Some I know I've seen posted here but cannot find through searching now that I need it ><
1. Diamond playoff rewards for each division.
2. Evo amounts for club leveling in bronze/silver/gold. If by chance someone knows the ball/helmet/glove amounts to hit around gold 10 / platinum 1 that'd be super but not necessary.
3. Diamond player upgrade costs for bxp/pxp/lxp players. Evo, xp, gold and anything else that might pop up.

Thanks in advance and tappy holidays to all!
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