One final boost for ATGs...and a sneak peek of....



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    JEDDDOGGY said:
    I was looking forward to buying boxes this weekend but I'm just going to use my resources to level up my current players. I think I can settle for using Holiday Ted on 5.10 and winning 50 percent of the time instead of using Shawn Green on 5.10 and winning 55 percent of the time.
    But what if you have both!!!  :#
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    tocopan18 said:
    BobbyFlay said:
    duckk123 said:
    I'm guessing Shawn Green isn't that good? I'm 15, so idk old baseball players
    He had a few good seasons and hit 4 hrs in a game once. He's certainly not a legend.

    As a matter of fact, more than half of the so-called legends in this game (according to GLU anyways) are not even near "legend" status in real life. No idea who came up with the legend-qualifying selection
    Mr. Weed on Friday afternoon/evening overtime shift ;)
    It's all done with mirrors
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