Anyone still motivated to play '18?

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As many of you know, I play a ton of tsb. On WoH days, I basically play all day. And no, I'm not even exaggerating. Well, I've definitely lost my mojo. I had planned on doing four d6 cycles through the weekend. I finished a cycle just after the carryover news broke. Now that it's been revealed that player levels won't matter, I've lost all motivation to play for resources. If there are new players, assuming they are better, I'll try to get them. I'll do a couple more cycles to keep myself above the 30k threshold(maybe fan rewards will be good?) and have enough to chase a WoH player, but that's about it. Guys in my club seem to share a similar sentiment. How do you guys feel about '18? 
If you're not having fun, you're losing.


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    I cycled diamond 6 several times. Have 10K in evo for the proof. But since I put the game back on a week ago I’ve played exactly 1 tournament to make 4 division wins. Does that show a lack of motivation to grind?
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    Meh.  I'm honestly thinking of taking a break til 2019 drops.  It's starting to feel more like a chore than fun, which is when it's probably time for a break.
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    Two of my hopes for 2019 didn't happen, so my playing time for 2018 is going to go way down.

    1. Diamond teams would get more players to bring over. 
    2. Only players capped at your team level would be allowed to come over to 19.

    No reason to level guys up anymore. My goal until the new version comes out is to hopefully get a WOH dominate player with a max rating of 535 or higher. I agree with others that want to keep 30k in gold for fan rewards. They should release a few more guys at 540 or higher before the new version comes out.
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    GLU sucks and is a scamming company
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    I'll be playing 18 for the next 3 months, I stay silver until the last players come out. 

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    I’m playing but can’t make myself watch videos ATM, not really adding to club points on grind days, am really not doing much other than evo hunting, cycling and stealing CvC boxes.  Itchy to start the new team is overrun by near identicals in every position, separate CvC, prime and WOH lineups and honestly is less fun since pretty much all modes are wins with whatever portfolio of fantastic players get assembled from the Houmy said, the thrill is gone.  Unlike sandpipers sentiment, IMO the best part of the game is April to September when you are constantly building, trading, compromising, celebrating good pulls and agonizing over choices.  It’s the essence of the to creatively build a great team.  Can’t wait to start ‘19.
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    I think it’s sad that the most fun I have besides WOH is evo hunting. I’m done  chasing players 
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