WOH Pitcher Arms

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It is really difficult to play strategically when having to guess if the pitcher is a lefty or a righty. It would be way more practical if we were able to see who the pitcher is before choosing our batter. 


  • benny100benny100 Registered Users, Member 757 Posts
    The key ones are 8,9 and 10. You can Autoplay the rest with any decent batter. Hopefully will be the same in 2019, but for 2018 it has not changed much over the months in the early levels

    Last three in lvl 1 are LLL
    Last three in lvl 2 are LRL
    Last three is lvl 3 are RLR
    Last three in lvl 4 are RRR (typically)
    First 6 in level five are frequently all R

    This forum will give you the last 5 or 6 of lvl 5 within about 30 minutes of event start. @DFBB's thread will have it
  • 2003cobra2003cobra Registered Users, Member 2,717 Posts
    I always check the forum halfway through level 5. It might help to keep a note on your phone to look at and make your decision. 
  • lenardlenard Registered Users, Member 88 Posts
    @Houmy usually has it posted within 20 minutes
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