Mountain offers

SakaV2SakaV2 Registered Users, Member 124 Posts
I've heard both yes and no when it comes to discounted mountains of gold not counting towards fan rewards.  I can't tell who's trolling sadly so can someone here confirm whether it counts in 19


  • Wicked0WildcatsWicked0Wildcats Registered Users, Member 1,040 Posts
    Not quite sure what you mean?  Fan rewards are given for spending gold,  not buying it.  If you're asking if the gold you acquire through buying a discounted mountain earns you fan rewards when you spend it in a fan rewards event, yes it does.
  • SakaV2SakaV2 Registered Users, Member 124 Posts
    Yeah that's exactly what I was asking haha.  Sorry if it wasn't clear.  I only asked because numerous people were saying no it doesn't count when spent but I couldn't tell if people were trolling.  (Global is a dangerous place) 
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