Mystery/weekend boxes

mpimen007mpimen007 Registered Users, Member 24 Posts
Just my opinion but I don't feel 3* players should be included in any box you have to spend gold to get.  Buying some weekend boxes today and i pulled the same 3* player on back to back pulls.  Makes me not want to spend gold the rest of the weekend now.


  • BAvila519BAvila519 Registered Users, Member 38 Posts
    As someone who didn't get a single 5 star player last weekend  (49 boxes), I get where you are coming from, but its technically better than xp or bonus games type prize cause it guarantees some sort of bonus points for anyone. But I do hear where you are coming from !
  • Coop2010Coop2010 Registered Users, Member 17 Posts
    The odds for these weekend boxes need to get better and stay better!!! Always hearing about these guys opening 25-50 boxes on the weekend and getting the same useless 3-3 1/2* players without a single 5*, I personally know this to be true after opening a ridiculous 146 wkend boxes spread out between 2 consecutive weekends without a single 5*......And both wkends were ones with the better odds of 200/1000 for a 5* or prime player and then you decide to lower it back down to 125/1000 for a 5* or prime the following weekend. I don’t think 165/35 out of a 1000 or 150/50 out of 1000 is asking too much, especially when the same few players seem to able to pull 1-2 5* or prime players out of only 3-5  boxes a lot of weekends.  At least give those of us that seem to hardly ever get anything even when we open 100+ boxes in a single wkend and get nothing when the odds are 200/1000 for a 5* or prime player the same chance we just had instead of lowering it back down to 125/1000 the next weekend and making it even less likely for those of us who seem to have been cursed with “Blu-Luck,” which usually ends up being way worse than any bad luck considering the odds we had and still constantly get no one even with the crazy number of boxes some of us open foolishly open each wkend thinking something might change . With only one weekend in between opening those 146 without a single 5*, I spent another 20,000 gold on wkend boxes and once again didn’t receive a single 5*.  I’d say after opening boxes worth we’ll over a $1000 in gold between 3 weekends and not receiving a single 5* player would make anyone question if we (your customers) are receiving any kind of value at all for our money. 

  • Miranda234Miranda234 Registered Users, Member 12 Posts
    I haven't opened any 5* yet, this sucks bubble shooter
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