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This feedback is based off App Version 0.8.5, Build Number 607, Assets Version 490.

I believe that the decision to lock stories once complete is a mistake. I had explicitly not spent diamonds on stories as I wanted to see if the story interested me enough to invest in, but once complete I cannot go back and spend the diamonds I purchased on other options. This behaviour is ingrained thanks to the many apps of this type on the market (and their predatory practices). I feel that the writing in your app is very good and was willing to go back to the beginning of One Night Stand (and House on the Water - aka Down Below) to see what I had missed. Perhaps you have very good reasons for locking a story/season once complete, but I urge you to reconsider this decision. If you decide to keep it as is, please make sure that you tell users up front that they cannot replay stories/seasons as this is definitely NOT industry standard.

I also believe that locking the gender of the main character (MC) actor is a mistake. My intention was to replay stories with different MCs, changing their names, gender and my interpretation of their backstory. Locking the gender of the MC limits my options and I cannot fathom a good reason for this. I would suggest that you allow users to buy gender changes and make it cheap if they have to re-purchase outfits and more expensive if clothing choices carry forward - include a warning if the former is selected.

I realise that you may have plans that make these requests moot and that the product is only in some sort of limited release beta - I'm only offering feedback because the reasons for my purchases (and app user behaviour) is not clear without some explanation and it is my hope that your understanding of this may help you improve the product. I have more feedback should you be interested but feel the above is the most important for me.


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    @Alysaur Thanks for sharing your feedback. If you have more to share, please tag me next time so I'll see it faster!
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    I hope I'm tagging you correctly. There's a 100% reproducable bug in game that's giving 3-6 gems every 12 hours. I've tried to report it to support but was unable to communicate effectively with them and was essentially ignored. Is there a way I can DM you to explain it?
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