Error #1149 and (perhaps) final general thoughts

Shourbi17Shourbi17 Registered Users 2 Posts
This message has constantly appeared while trying to open the game on my Ipad 1. I imagine that it means that the servers for this game have been shut down. If so, I am disappointed.

I really thought that this game had great potential, and more could have been done. Yes it had internet issues and bug issues, but the concept and gameplay were phenomenal to me. I hope that along the line the developers make a game similar to Gang Lords. I am surprised that the Frontline Commando games (especially the first one) and Eternal Warriors 4 (games that are older or came out shortly after Gang Lords) have been updated and made supportive for more modern systems. It blows my mind that those games were made available and playable for iOS 13 and Android 10 systems, but not Gang Lords, which I honestly thought should have been there. I felt that GL not only required for you to grind for better characters, gear, and resources, but the gameplay stimulated a more tactical environment that shows that characters (which had a certain percentage of being acquired) did not mean much unless you had a clear strategy in mind while advancing, and without such strategy, you could not advance further into the game.

Ending on this, I don't think this game will ever get updated, changed or anything like that. I just hope that Glu makes a game that makes me want to apply a greater use of tactics and give me more objectives to perform even when I finish the whole story that don't cause me get bored.
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