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I've been playing TSB 2016 for over four years now and I play it every night before going to sleep it's genuinely become a major part of my nighttime routine. It only works on ios11 and under and I've been using an old iPhone 5s which I've never updated past 11. Well last night it accidentally got updated to ios12 and now the game won't load and I'm DEVASTATED. I was able to find another super old iphone that's running on ios10 and I was able to load the game which is a good first step, but I tried logging in to my account through Facebook like I always have and it just won't work. It takes me to the Facebook website, signs me on, and says I should be logged on in the TSB app, but when I go back to the app it's just not logged in to my account. Maybe the Facebook API is too old or something?

What can I do?!?! Has anyone had this issue before?! Please help!!! Thank you in advance!!!
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